Office Improvements/Revamp

Your office might be damaged and have cracking tiles, leaking roofs, partitions that are well past their “expiration date” but it might not be that easy to find Office Renovation Ideas that suit you and your needs.

Some might know exactly what they want from the colours, textures, lighting etc. Others might not be so sure and will require a few Ideas to have a look at and select what design they would want for their office. There are a few ways to go about getting ideas, one way is to use magazines that focus on interiors, or the internet is also a great way to get Ideas Be sure however, when choosing looks and materials that you would like that you ensure that it will be suitable for what you need as well as suit your budget. Take note of any problem areas such as partitioning for staff or additional storage space to help minimise clutter. Timing of your Office alteration is important as having it during a busy period when there are lots of deadlines that need to be met is not a good idea.

At Verloop Home and Office improvements Joburg we can assist in the following services.

  • Office Kitchen revamping
  • Bathroom revamping
  • Drywalling/partitioning
  • Painting/decorative Painting
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Damp and Waterproofing
  • Paving
  • Rhino light
  • Lighting
  • Tiling walls and floors
  • Flooring and finishes (laminated floor)
  • Ceilings and Ceiling repairs
  • Small Plumbing & Electrical repairs
  • Carpentry / Door Repairs & Replacement
  • General Maintenance & Renovation
  • COVID-19 Sanitizing (Homes; Offices; Industrial factories/Day-Care facilities/Restrooms/Vehicles)