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Covid-19 Solutions


We are here to help you meet  the strict Covid-19 regulations

Our Sanitizing Solutions offering is a new addition to our already well established Verloop Home & Office improvements arsenal

Our Certified Disinfection Solution

Effective Disinfection that is specifically suited for:

– Clean rooms
– Offices
– Industrial Factories
– Day-Care Facilities
– Restrooms
– Houses
– Vehicles

Our solution is 100% non-toxic as well as environmentally friendly. It kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold that can cause infection and illnesses (Certificate to be issued)

Our proprietary Social Distancing Solutions

Protective Screens & Partitions for:

– Restaurants
– Cashiers
– Offices

Standard Sizes

– 600 x 400mm
– 600 x 500mm
– 800 x 500mm
– 1000 x 600mm

All screens are made from 3mm extruded acrylic. They are laser cut to your specified size &shape (They are custom produced)


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